The project “Dunas de Pinamar” posed a challenge because the proposal included very diverse sectors which had to share the same space. But mainly, it was addressed to completely different audiences.

Accordingly, we developed various identities for each sector and one common identity that joined the three of them. Everything was focused on the essence of the project, which is an undertaking in the Argentinian coast that guarantees the pleasure of breathing fresh air in the woods, an off-road track and country houses. Its three sectors are available along the year.

We elaborated three textures with three colours to provide different identities
but which can also be applied together.



We developed the stationery and we used recyclable or very low environmental impact papers in order to follow the natural concept of the project.


The launch also included signs in the streets and advertisements in several newspapers and magazines.


There was also an online campaign which included a website of the undertaking together with CRM sales, three landing pages specific for each sector and social network profiles.

Lastly, the whole image was applied to the sales experience. There was plotting in the showroom, guests’ cards for the entrance, flags in the means of transport that were moving along the undertaking and a stand located at the beach which invited the people to get to know the project. As a result, the communication was increased in a very diverse audience.

The result was a record of reservations in the first 15 days after the launch, which had been initially thought to take place during the 2 months of peak season.

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