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Melona is a Korean brand with over 20 years of experience.Worldwide, it is ranked Top 5 in the market of the mass consumption ice-creams. It is distinguished as a high-quality, creamy, fruit and delicious ice-cream.

Gente en la calle

How did they contact us?

Once they arrived in Argentina, they set up their business in ChinaTown. When the demand increased, people did not know where to find the ice-creams. Therefore, Neo Geo (an importing company in charge of importing Melona) understood the need to hire a communication and design agency.

Web de vos lo haces en celular

Our idea

We developed a website with a periodic update map in order to show the Melona’s points of sale. Through the introduction of the Melonitos, we used the #MelonaSearch for the users to interact by answering questions that the characters made.


Over 41,000 “likes” were registered within 5 months of work


250 points of sale displaying designed pieces


The Melona sale increased by 110%


Posters Melona

POP material was designed and produced for over 200 points of sale in order to decorate each shop, ranging from stickers for the windows to the plotting of freezers.

Ticket Melona

Food truck

We designed a food truck for Melona with games and prizes. It will be visiting the different neighborhoods in the City of Buenos Aires.

Here we are!

In order to strengthen the communication for Melona in the different points of sale, fly banners were designed and produced.


Los Melonitos

Each flavor (Melon, Mango, Strawberry and Banana) was represented by a cartoon with a funny and roguish personality similar to the several personalities of the target audience of the brand.

Social networks

Due to the advertising spots in the social networks and the posts that we designed, the Facebook Fanpage exceeded the 41,000 likes within five months of work. Also, we launched the #MelonaSearch campaign in which the Melonitos, which are cartoons designed by us, were created to support this campaign. Besides, we were also in charge of their design. This created a funny and eloquent feedback. Besides, we implemented the ice-cream draw and the competition for the 5 Nintendo Switch.

Melona celular Melona celular

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