Website Design


With the change in its building structure, the need arose for a new website that would reflect the renewal that the Planetarium was going through. They needed a modern website that would convey the essence of the Planetarium.

Gente en la calle


We developed an innovative site that was accessible to researchers and teachers, as well as students and children between the ages of 6 and 12..

Web de vos lo haces en celular

Site Map

We created a modern website, with a planned structure to highlight the most important content of each section both on desktop and mobile version.


Planetario web

Image processing

We adapt the images and photographs of the whole site to establish a defined and coherent aesthetic line.



To illustrate the web, especially sections that required own illustrations, we adapted City Government vectors to maintain graphic coherence.


Specific iconography was designed for each segment of the web and colors were used to transmit innovation and modernity.

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