Logo design

From the beginning, we considered that the logo’s design should allow the individual use in specific places of the property such as the bars, swimming pools and entrance hall. As a result, the identity would be built with the logo as a whole.
A monogram was designed with the initial letter of the undertaking and its characteristic circumflex accent.

V mas O
Logo Vendôme Plaza
Logo Vendôme Plaza

Chromatic palette and applications

Vendôme Plaza
Vendôme Plaza
Vendôme Plaza
Vendôme Plaza
Sobres Vendôme Plaza


Apart from the logo, we developed personal cards, letter headed papers, a folder and sales pieces, such as technical drawings, flyers and brochures. All of them convey the spirit of the brand.

Tarjetas Vendôme Plaza

Web Design

Diseño Web de Vendôme Plaza Monstera planta

The aim of the web development was to respect the elegance of the property and, through the internet navigation, to focus on the innovative aspect of the project. Accordingly, the design prioritized the new trends and focused on the image which transmits the soul of the project perfectly well.




2 swimming pools




Wide sum


Children's area




122 garages

Cartel Vendôme Plaza

In order to continue developing the brand, the work fence was designed as a living fence with two aims: arouse curiosity about the property and emphasize the sustainability of the project.

Vendôme Plaza is at an early stage and will soon be launching the pre-sale stage. Currently, people are being gathered to be assisted by the sales executives. It is estimated that 35% of the reservations will be made in the first three months of launching.

Plantas Vendôme Plaza

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