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Vos lo haces

#VosLoHacés is a contest promoted by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to promote innovative ideas and change the reality of entrepreneurs in the City.

Gente en la calle

Whats was going on?

Thousands of Argentines had very good ideas to improve the City but they didn't know how or how to carry them out, that's why Vos Lo Hacés was born.

Web de vos lo haces en celular

Our idea

If we add an institution with an idea and an agency specializing in web development, we have as a result a dynamic, useful, self-administrable and responsive site that uses the BAstrap framework, characteristic of the GCBA.


More than 1100 ideas were registered to improve the quality of life in the city.


Upped an average of 19 ideas per day


of projects coming from vulnerable neighbourhoods

35% Impacto social, 21% Turismo y gastronomía, 17% Diseño, 15% Impacto Ambiental, 12% Educación
  • 35% Social impact
  • 21% Tourism and gastronomy
  • 17% Design
  • 15% Environmental Impact
  • 12% Education


Web de vos lo haces en tablet

We designed a web platform with simple illustrations and clear language, bringing the message to all sectors of society.

Celular de vos lo haces

Digital Campaing

With the same style of language and image, we developed the digital campaign for the web to be promoted and disseminated on Social Networks.


Maintaining the graphic line with which the Government of the City of Buenos Aires has been working, we created a system of vectors to give them an identity belonging to #VosLoHaces



We selected a palette of vibrant and well-defined colors, ideal for conveying the basic concepts of the contest.

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